How to have a hard conversation with your Coach (for student-athletes)

"You can do this." | taught by Molly Grisham
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Molly Grisham
Molly Grisham

About the Instructor

Influence, LLC: Owner, Influencer & Lead Facilitator

Molly is passionate about leadership development, personal growth, and service learning. She is a visionary with a heart for developing leaders who are value driven, people centric, and service oriented. She has served as a college soccer coach, been employed as a teacher/professor, and has served on the communication staff for several non-profit organizations.

Experience in teaching and coaching

Molly has 20 years experience coaching club, high school, and college soccer coach. She has served on the coaching staff at Ottawa University, Wayne State College, and at the University of Illinois Springfield. In addition to coaching she spent many years in the classroom teaching communication courses at the college level. Her teaching and coaching combination is a great asset in developing people in a variety of settings.

Effective speaker and facilitator

Debby Watson, President of Barat Academy had this to say, “Molly Grisham takes her audience on a transformative journey. She is not just another speaker on leadership. Her simple and powerful approach shifts your thinking and your actions as a leader towards what’s working and what’s possible, transforming each one in the audience into the kind of leader that is more effective at motivating and inspiring the people they lead. Her message is a must-hear for those who want to lead so that others will follow.”

Passionate about personal growth

Molly is a Certified Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is a great tool for personal growth, leadership development, team building and conflict resolution. In her free time she is an avid reader and a world traveler.

Focused areas of interest

“I believe that a leader is a person of influence and my desire is to help others understand and develop the skills necessary to leverage their own influence. If I had to identify the three areas I am most interested in it would be Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution and Personal Growth.”

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Molly Grisham
Influence, LLC: Owner and Lead Facilitator

About the Course:

I made my career in athletics. I spent nearly 20 years as a club, high school, and college soccer coach. During that time I had many hard conversations with my student-athletes. Some of my student-athletes were more equipped for those conversations than others. As my career progressed I observed that more and more student-athletes were struggling to initiate conversations with their coaches. I believe when student-athletes are able to initiate conversations they are taking ownership of their own situation.

Now that I am working in leadership development with a large volume of teams I find myself talking with student-athletes who aren't sure how to speak to their coach about a concern they are dealing with. I recently took a student-athlete through the exact same process that I am going to outline for you. I'm thrilled to say that she did the process step-by-step and she and her coach had a very healthy conversation.

This unit helps the student-athlete to narrow-down the issue, request a face-to-face meeting, establish a goal for the meeting, have the meeting/conversation and plan out their next steps.The entire unit will take less than an hour to go through and it includes a worksheet for self-reflection and note taking. The material is appropriate for middle school, high school and college student-athletes.

The process I am sharing with you is free. I am doing this because I believe we need to empower student-athletes to have hard conversations with their coaches.

Please feel free to share this link with others who would benefit as well. Hard conversations, you can do this!

Course Contents

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1.0 hr